Uclan Learning Agreement

This section contains information on the time frame at which the goal is reached. A goal may require the entire duration of the placement before it is achieved, but some goals may be achieved earlier in the placement. It is proposed that a balance between the objectives in terms of time frames (some shorter than others) ensure that the learning agreement is dynamic and conducive to development. This section contains information on the resources available to achieve their goals, as well as strategies they can use to achieve their goals. Students are encouraged to follow this as a development process that they will take to achieve the agreed goal and that the approach reflects their identified learning style. These include: each placement of exercises has a number of specific learning outcomes that are part of the learning agreement concluded by the student during the internship. Learning achievements are linked to development and frame the student`s development through all the practical internship experience. Students are responsible for developing the comprehensive learning agreement for each internship, with the support of their teacher, occupational therapy team and on-site tutor (if any). Applicants can start this module at any time during the academic year. The duration of the apprenticeship is negotiated through an apprenticeship agreement, but it is not expected that there will be more than two semesters. For the learning agreement to have maximum impact on the learning process, it must be reviewed weekly and modified throughout learning based on the student`s progress. If goals are achieved, new goals can be added if necessary.

This review is a bipartisan process and should involve both the clinical/practical educator and the students. In the first negotiations on the apprenticeship agreement, it is useful to agree on how and when to revise the apprenticeship agreement. Students must work with their clinical/practical educator to establish a learning agreement that helps guide their learning. This should be done through negotiation between the student and the clinical teacher until the end of the first week of a full-time internship. Before the internship, students are encouraged to perform a SWOT analysis for the internship, after taking into account the area in which they will learn and getting what they want to get with some ideas. Students are also encouraged to complete a learning style questionnaire to help them see how they learn most effectively so they can apply it in practice. After the placement, the apprenticeship agreement should be concluded before the end of the second week of the internship.