Ttv Service Agreement Fee

For more information on temporary services, see below. At the end of your fixed-term contract, your service will continue from month to month and all equipment rental discounts you have received for the lifetime (for example. B a free PVR rental) will end. These offers are generally only available to customers who have not subscribed to a particular or telus in the past. You can benefit from a fixed-term contract in advance if you order TELUS services and use all of our introductory offers. In addition to your service contract (fixed or month-to-month), TELUS also has terms of use that describe what we offer to all customers and what we expect from all customers. All TELUS services, including TV, Internet and Home Phone, are available for a month-to-month contract. Find out the difference between temporary and monthly agreements You can start with a month-to-month contract and later accept a fixed term. During your temporary agreement, our current published rates apply to your TV service and we will notify you at least 30 days in advance of price changes.

If you are only interested in Internet and/or Home Phone services, without TV, no firm obligation is required. In accordance with the service agreement (“contract”), established by and between Telepak Networks, Inc., a Mississippi company that provides services under the C Spire™ (“Enterprise”) brand, and the counter-value (“customer”) and the customer agree to purchase the services (the “service” or “services”) and the equipment (“equipment”) at the prices listed below and at all applicable rates. At the time of the execution and delivery of this agreement by the Customer, this agreement is effective and binding on acceptance by the company and the entity. The company can accept this agreement by providing services to the customer. The client accepts and recognizes that the entity may refuse to accept this contract or provide services to the client if the entity believes that the client is unable to fulfill all or part of its obligations under this contract. TIME OF SERVICE AND DECREASE. Services begin at the beginning of the service period, which is later at the beginning of the service period or the day immediately following the date the entity informs the customer that the services are ready to be put into service, and is continued for the duration of service of these services indicated on the back of these services (“Applicable duration”). At the expiry of the applicable term, this agreement remains in effect from month to month (“extended time”) until it is terminated by one of the parties by a period of thirty (30) days before the written termination.